Zath, the Spider-God

 The most famous of the Zamoran divinities was Zath, the spider-god of the city of Yezud in Zamora. Zath’s worshipers believed that the great spider-god walks the earth, and must be served by humankind. Indeed, the giant spiders which have occasionally been seen in the hills near the city of Yezud are testaments to Zath’s power.
  In the Temple of Yezud, the priests of Zath worshiped an enormous statue of the spider god. It is said that eight huge gems form its eyes. Zath was a god of darkness, spiders and poison. Priests of Zath  were generally assassins, madmen and spies.  According to the cult of Zath, the huge stone idol in the temple of Yezud can come to life, devouring any sacrifice which was regularly brought to it by the spider-robed priests. It can also manifest as the bite of a poisonous spider, or by the sudden webbing of buildings and passages.
  Priests of Zath do not drink alcohol or fornicate, and those laymen in the service of the temple must also abide by these strictures. Even more guarded were the temple virgins, who danced for the spider-god on holy days. There were rumors of extensive caverns beneath the Temple of Yezud, where hundreds of giant spiders reside, fed cattle (and occasionally humans) by the priests of Zath. The cattle came from enforced tithes demanded from the Zamoran steadings which surrounded Yezud; it was said that the priests would loose these spiders on the countryside if the king of Zamora did not permit them their grisly worship.

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