Men of civilization and culture, the so-called westerners are a collection of peoples from such nations as Aquilonia, Nemedia, Zingara, Argos, and Ophir.  They believe themselves to be enlightened peoples, though hardened by constant wars with one another and unruly neighbors.  Their societies more closely resemble medieval European culture than other lands in the setting, with feudal societies most often ruled over by a dynastic monarch.

Scholarly pursuits are common and often venerated in the western kingdoms.  A collection of diverse religious beliefs are tolerated, though the worship of Mitra, the Phoenix Lord, dominates the region at large.  Often practicing their arts of healing and medicine, priests of Mitra are highly valued by western monarchs and commoners alike.

Many men and women of the western kingdoms find their way to a life of adventure and travel, their imaginations often being fired by the scholarship of their land's academics.  They are an invariably curious lot, seeking after new and exotic experiences.  They would be not be uncommon in such a city as Uruk, which by the force of its culture and location draws foreigners en masse.

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