Dress Code and Avatar Appearance

First and foremost, a proper dress code for the setting should be maintained at all times.

1) No modern clothing, no furry avatars, no anime avatars, and no high-fantasy articles which clash with the established norms of the setting are permissible.  

         A note on fantasy:

                            The world of Uruk is decidedly low-fantasy.  While there are supernatural elements and magic does exist in the setting, it exists in its most dark corners.  Visibly magical weaponry, aura effects, and other obvious expressions of the supernatural would not be sported about the streets of a city such as Uruk.  Of course, you can claim the normal broadsword your character carries is magical.  It just can't be magical, nor can it be glowing with blue energy or anything of the like.

There are no playable fantasy races in Uruk.  It's a world where humanity is the dominant sentient strain.  There are supernatural creatures in the setting, yes, but as mentioned previously: they keep to the dark corners of the world.  Some may be used in future sim-wide events, though it's uncertain.  Instead, focus on the racial/cultural differences between the types of characters detailed in the information sections of this website.  There is plenty of variety among the teeming, human masses in the world of Conan.  Be creative --  you can set your character apart without a set of elf ears.

For more information about the Supernatural and Magic, please see the Gods and Monsters page. 

2) No child avatars.  This is a theme with certain adult dimensions to its play.  If you have a child avatar or your character looks like it's on the wrong side of seventeen, you'll be asked to make alterations or leave.

3) No animal avatars. 

4) Because our economic system is tied to your individual avatar, only one character per avatar is allowed. 

For general dress guidelines click here.

Player Conduct

1) Be respectful of your fellow players.  Roleplaying is a cooperative experience -- it depends almost entirely upon interactions with others.  Your attitude towards the game and the others that are participating in creating stories with you is of the utmost importance.  Obviously, there may be people that you do not like that also play here.  If they are antagonistic towards you out of character, inform one of the staff and let us handle the situation.  Don't take the bait, don't fight fire with fire; let us do the firefighting on your behalf.  As the saying goes: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

2) Visitors to the sim that want to take a look around should do so using an Observer tag.  Your own, or the one provided by the sim's main group will suffice.  Do not interrupt ongoing RP.  Try to keep a low profile.  The first rule of the conduct section always applies.

3) If there are ongoing RP events occurring on sim, please don't go out of your way to interrupt them.  Planned events (such as games in the arena) are typically time-consuming endeavors that involve a wide array of players.  Sometimes, there will be a time crunch involved for key players.  We are not going to tell you to prevent your character from leaping out of the crowd to the arena sands and swearing drunkenly at the nobility, but maybe exercise a little discretion in such scenarios and keep in mind that IC consequences are absolutely going to be enforced for such behavior.  Basically, don't make a habit out of it if at all possible.  This is less a rule than a general guideline.

4) Uruk is not a sex sim.  While sex is a natural part of adult-themed RP, it is not the chief purpose of this sim and should not be treated as such.  Uruk is a decadent Shemtish city, catering to a wide variety of characters from varied cultural backgrounds; as such, sex is an inevitability.  But again, exercise a bit of discretion if at all possible.  There are areas where sexual encounters will be more prevalent: brothels and bath houses for example.  While you are not forbidden from taking part in sexual encounters in other parts of the sim, keep in mind that you are opening yourself to IC consequences.  You might be arrested for public indecency (a loose policy in Uruk at best), or clubbed on the back of the head and dragged to the slave market.

5) If you're OOC or AFK, please make your status visible to other players.  There is a group tag which will be made available to you within our group upon request for this purpose.  And, if at all possible, do not linger in the active RP areas of the sim while AFK.  Shoot yourself up to the skybox and hang around there.  Obviously, brief stints are permissible as RL interruptions get us all from time to time.

6) If you would like to discuss ongoing events in other active RP sims, please keep your discussion to IMs.  It's bad form to discuss other sims in another sim's group chat.

7) Metagaming is strictly forbidden in Uruk.  This one is basically a no-brainer but just in case any of you are unfamiliar with the term, we'll explain it.  Metagaming is the use of information acquired through OOC (out of character) channels in your RP.  Whether you use it to your advantage or not is irrelevant -- it's the fact that you've played your character as being aware of something that it did not learn IC (in character).  Any information that is not presented to your character in active RP on our sim cannot be played.  There's no wiggle room on this one, folks.  It's a hard rule: no metagaming.

8) No canon characters will be allowed. While the short story series written by Robert Ervin Howard are in the public domain, there are ancillary groups which hold rights to these characters. Anyone who attempts such will be asked to alter their character.


Slavery is a part of Uruk's culture but slavery in Uruk is not like, say, slavery in Gor.  Slaves in this setting would not be paraded through the streets unclad, leashed, and bound.  Such a thing would be greatly uncommon as Uruk is a city filled to the brim with wandering adventurers, gruff sellswords, opportunistic cutthroats, and wary thieves that would take such a bold advertisement of wares as an open challenge.  You are, of course, free to go about the handling of your character's personal property however you please but do understand that drastic departures from cultural norms might welcome disdain or even open hostility from other residents/authority figures in Uruk.  As always, IC consequences will apply.


If you use the /1 @pickpocket command to try and lift a few coins from someone's purse, you are opening yourself to dangerous consequences.  You can try to pickpocket anyone you like.  Just write a post of your attempt and then roll the command.  Do note that the chance for success on a pickpocketing roll is low.  If you fail in your attempt, the player that controls the character which was your target is free to notice it and call your character to account.

If they want to ignore it, that is their prerogative.


To use the /1 @rob command against another player's character, that character needs to be in a 'state of defenselessness.'  This state can be achieved through either: a) defeating them in combat using the meter or b) their surrendering to you of their own volition.

Once someone is in this state of defenselessness, write a post searching them for valuables or coin and then send the command.  If the events of the scene have followed both our combat and robbing rules, your target MUST accept the attempt to rob them.  If they refuse the request, first message them and ask if they refused accidentally.  If they did not, contact an admin/combat mod for assistance.


Rentals on our sim use our own currency system.  For information on that system, click HERE.  There are two ways to rent property on our sim.  The first is to find a vacant, un-rented building, and secure it for yourself following the guidelines in the link just above.  The second way is to interact with someone that owns property IC and rent it from their character directly.  The player that owns said property will set the terms of the rental (though they must still abide by our prim limits).

OOC Rules for Rentals 

Having rented property on our sim does not mean your character is inviolable inside of your rental.  It is not a safe haven.  But if you want to break into someone's home or business, you're going to need to contact a story mod/admin so we can work out the terms of entry. Rentals are purely in character. 

Every renter must abide by prim limits. Failure to do so will result in a warning, and if the problem persists, items will be returned. Heavily scripted items or those known to cause lag will be asked to be removed. 

Remember: Fighting can break out at any time, anywhere. Any item that barricades a door OOCly (prims, etc) will be removed. 

IC Rules for Rentals

If you are renting from an IC landlord, you can choose to either follow or ignore the terms set by them.  Of course, if you choose to ignore said terms, you will be opening yourself to consequences.  If you don't pay your rent, your landlord might hire a few thugs to come and beat on you, wreck your furniture, and toss you out on the street after robbing you blind.  Be careful!

On Death and the Application of In Character Consequences

Here at Uruk, we pride ourselves on the enforcement of IC (in character) consequences on characters that exist in our world.  If your character is a mouthy drunk, expect a fight.  If you lose that fight, expect your character to experience consequences as a result.  Randomly murdering every character that your character happens to defeat in metered combat, however, is not permissible here at Uruk.  Not only does such conduct plant a myriad of red flags in the sand as to the player's attitude towards RP as a whole, but it also makes the game not fun for all involved and ultimately: we are all here to have a good time. In short, ICA = ICC. In character actions, equal in character consequences.

Having said that, it is possible for a character to be killed without the consent of the player here at Uruk.  The circumstances must, however, be damning.  If a character has been defeated, wounded, and continues to provoke the victor, death may be applied.  Death should always be a last resort. Logs of such a RP session should be kept by both parties involved and presented to the staff of Uruk for review.  If approval is given by the staff, the death will stand.  If not approved, the character that was killed will somehow return to the game (magic does exist in this setting and may be utilized to account for such a drastic turn of events).  And deaths at Uruk are permanent.  Such severe consequences should be applied only rarely.  Very rarely.

There are numerous other effective ways to inflict consequences on another character without killing them.  Robbing them, beating them, taking them for sale at the slave market, bringing them to the city guard, humiliating them, sparing their life in return for a favor, kidnapping them, etc.  All of these alternatives to death are preferred due to the fact that they leave the story open for continuation and greater complexity in future interactions.  Death closes all doors and as such, should not be sought as an option when it comes to the enforcement of consequences.

NPCs or, Non-Player-Characters

As a general rule - NPCs (non player characters) are not allowed. 

The City of Uruk is based on a melting pot of various cultures and classes. If a character type is needed, every effort needs to be made to involve a player character. A good guideline to follow is that if your character interacts with them, they must be another player character. 

There are exceptions to the rule, but it is rare. Primarily NPCs can be used as a backdrop for scenery. Some examples include:

Crowds in the stands at an arena fight

People milling about in a public space

Examples of things that will not be allowed to be NPC are:







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