Uruk, the City of the Sword, is a city-state of the country known as Shem.  Located along the main pass through the Mountains of Fire that separate Shem from its northern neighbor, Koth, and house its northeastern compatriot Khoraja, it has become a sort of crossroads or a gateway to the greater south.  Originally a trading post where goods changed hands between traveling merchants of various nations, a city was born more from necessity and accident than foresight and planning.  As such, it draws upon a very diverse population of traveling adventurers, bored mercenaries, and scrupulous merchants seeking to take advantage of its position and corruptible government.  The true allure of Uruk is, however, its famed arena in which men and women compete for wealth and fame to the frenzied cheering of its besotted crowd.  The promise of riches and renown is a lure that pulls in many wanderers, as well as those that would prey upon the city's plentiful opportunities.

Being set in the world of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian stories where humanity is absolutely the dominant species, there is still an abundance of disparate cultures and racial identities that bring color to its palette.  The tales of Conan are set in the Hyborioan Age, as is Uruk, which is an exaggerated pre-historical period based on our own mythical history peppered with fantasy elements.  

Can't decide what sort of character you'd like to RP?  The best place to start is with your character's racial identity/background/place of origin.  Below, peoples and nations of the setting will be detailed.  First, a general overview will be provided (which is enough, really).  If you want to dig deeper, there'll be information provided for you there as well.

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