Pteor the Bull

Pteor was one of the chief deities of the Pelishtia, a Shemitish nation, but we know practically nothing of him or his worship today, other than that his tiny cult once competed with that of Ishtar for the religious affections of the Shemites. Some 2000 years or more after the Great Cataclysm, the Hyborian meadowlands were invaded from the east by clans of nomadic savages known as the Sons of Shem. Having conquered that land, the pastoral invaders combined with the locals who practiced cereal agriculture to form the land later called Shem. The Shemites’ religions—like their blood—became intermingled. The deity of each nomadic tribe was a sky-god, who was thought by his worshipers to control the weather. This male god was also thought to have mated with the Earth-Mother goddess of Shem’s original inhabitants, which was hotly denied by the cult of Ishtar which eventually became the dominant faith of the lands of Shem. One scholar held that Pteor’s small cult had probably evolved along these lines. However, this did not explain why the god was often depicted as an obscenely obese humanoid figure by some of his followers or why still others claimed that his true form was that of a bull.

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