Common Prices

The economy in Uruk will be set primarily, by the players and what they choose to roleplay. That being said, we have complied a list of various prices for things which may be helpful in getting started. More may be added later, and this is by no means a rule as far as prices go. 

-Basic Goods (Trade Goods, Raw Materials, Tools, etc)-

Poor Make: 5-30 d

Common Make: 35 - 65 d

Fine Make: 75 - 125 d

Masterwork (Mainly Arms/Armor but can be other things) 155d on up

-Food and Drink-

Watered Down Booze: 5d a Cup

Common Booze: 10d a Cup

Fine Booze: 15d and up a Cup

If making Cask of Beer sales, multiply cost of booze type per cup by 125 (amount of 12oz servings in a standard booze cask)
For Wine, Whiskey or Other Spirit bottles, varies from 750ml bottle to 2 liter, same process as casks.

Poor Meal for One: 2d
Poor Family Meal: 10d

Healthy Meal for One: 10d
Healthy Family Meal: 20d

Rich Meal for One: 20d
Rich Family Meal: 35d 

Feast: 35d up to 250d depending on quality of food

In addition, at the start of RP there are a few businesses which are available. These businesses come pre-furnished in the business district of the city. All of them are up for grabs rent wise, using IC money and our economic system. They include:
The Inn - Located directly next to the bank, and in the shadow of the Trade Prince's housing.

The Blacksmith - Located across from the tavern

The Tavern (See featured role of Tavern owner!)

The Apothecary/Herbalist - For all your healing and Lotus needs!

Mercenary Company 1 - A faction house

Mercenary Company 2 - A wealthier faction house

No application is needed for these roles (except for the Tavern owner), this is just for you to keep in mind should any of these businesses align with your character concept.

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