Khoraja was the name of both the small kingdom nestled between Koth and the Eastern Desert and its principal city. In fact, that settlement was this state’s only true city, for a map of the time reveals no other towns within Khoraja’s mountainous borders. As for its geography, Khoraja was separated from Shem by the formidable Kothian Escarpment, and its Shamla Pass was essential for overland caravans cross from the Hyborian lands of the West to Turan or the other Eastern kingdoms to the south. Once a part of Shem, Khoraja had been carved out of the Shemite lands by the swords of Kothian adventurers many years before. And the people of Khoraja never lost their fierce desire to remain independent.

Names:  Khorajan names owe a lot to Koth, as some crossover of names suggests, though the hillmen have a more Shemite sound to their names, such as Shupras. Examples: (male) Khossus, Taurus, Thespides; (female) Vateesa, Yasmela.

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