Khauran lay between the eastern tip of Koth and the Eastern Desert of Turan. Khauran, whose name was also given to its capital and principal settlement, was blessed with fertile soil and lush meadows on the very edge of the desert. Like Khoraja to its southwest, Khauran had been founded years before by Kothian adventurers in an era when such men carved several tiny kingdoms out of the eastern Kothic uplands. Politically, there seems to have been no tradition that demanded that the small state’s ruler be a man, for in Conan’s time Khauran’s Queen Taramis felt no pressure to wed.

Names:  Khauran names resemble Kothic names. Examples: (male) Ashkhaur, Valerius, Zang, Krallides; (female) Salome, Taramis.

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