Afghulistan lay in the southwestern foothills of the Himelian Mountains, north of Kosala and west of Vendhya as a small part of the larger Southern region called Ghulistan. It was inhabited by warlike tribes of mountaineers, who raided the northern reaches of Vendhya for spices and gold. The Vendhyans said only the Ghulistani knew all of the twists of the mountains and valleys of Ghulistan, knowledge that was used to lay ambushes with great effect. The Ghulistani tribesmen were tall and powerful, with broad shoulders, brown skin, curly hair and long beards. The harsh mountain winds dried and wrinkled their skins, giving them a wizened appearance. They fought with the tulwar, a long, curved sword and the yard-long Zhaibar knife.

There were hundreds of such tribes scattered throughout Ghulistan. Those mentioned in the saga of Conan included the Afghulis, who ruled the southwestern region known as Afghulistan, the Wazulis, who controlled southern Ghulistan near the Vendhyan border, and the lesser tribes of the Dagozai, the Galzai and the Khurakzai. Typically, the tribes obeyed a strong, charismatic warrior-leader, and followed him until he made a mistake. One failure, and the leader was deposed or even killed.

Name ideas for an Afghuli/Himelian tribesman character: Modern Afghani names provide good, exotic-sounding bases for naming Himelian characters. Examples (male): Yar Afzal, Yateli. Suggestions: Ahmad, Asad, Dost, Faiz, Mohan, Shujah and Zemar for male characters, Anahita, Faryaal, Ghezal, Maryam and Samirah for female characters.

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