Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn't this just like GOR?

A. Short answer - No. 

Long answer - There are many differences between the settings. The only real major similarity is slavery. As mentioned in our rules section, slavery in this setting is akin to the Romans. In fact, Uruk has more in common with the popular television series "Spartacus" than it does with GOR. There is no rigid caste system, this is not sci-fi. The setting is a proto-culture, here on Earth, and each of the various cultures are meant to be the ancient equivalent to our current world cultures. (Aquilonia is Rome, for instance). In short, this is in essence a historical setting rather than fantasy or sci-fi. 

Q.  What makes this setting different? 

A.  The setting that we're playing in is entirely different than most settings you find in SL.  The works upon which this world is based are short-stories.  They're little adventures written from a single character's point of view that exist in small areas of the broader world with the location changing from story to story. They're not novels.  There is no driving force.  There is no grand scheme. The world is the world and that's all that it is. The City of Uruk is a set on a stage, not the play itself. It is entirely up to the characters to create the story.  There are soft hooks which can be used for a platform to jump stories off of, however it is the aim of the sim to give the players the setting, and have them tell the story. 

Q. Is Conan alive during this setting?

A. Yes, although we'll not interact with that character. Currently, Conan the Cimmerian is King of Aquilonia. As a reminder, per our rules no canon characters are allowed.

Q. What the plans are regarding the sim's layout?

A. The city proper will be most of the layout though many interiors will be in skyboxes using the Experiences system.  There are a few areas of focus in the sim thematically.  The arena is a central focus, as there is a gladiatorial aspect to the sim.  Beside it are the two 'training houses' (similar to a ludus where a gladiator of Rome would be trained)  There'll be temples, a large one dominated by the priesthood of Ishtar, a smaller and more meager one for Mitra.  There's a sort of 'noble district', and a more ruinous 'slums' area which houses the criminal element, with a sort of mid-ground between. The city is in the arid desert lands of Shem.

Q. Is this an adventure sim based on Conan Exiles? 

A. We're working mainly from Howard's Conan stories, though really since Conan's stories mainly focus on Conan and his adventures, it'd be fine saying this is a low-fantasy RP sim that happens to be set in the world of Conan rather than a Conan sim.  It's a focus on a stationary area of the world as opposed to the free-wheeling traveling adventures of a single character. 

Q. Will there be a lot of loincloths?

A. While we're sure there will be a couple of them, the world of Conan has many varying cultures and dress, including heavy plate armor, chainmail, and more. The city of Uruk takes place in the land of Shem which is decidedly arid (for the most part). It's quite hot which is something to keep in mind with your dress. While some characters might wear heavy armor from time to time, such as during the games, it's not something you'd want to walk around in going about your character's normal city life. Furs and the like are also probably not the best idea given the climes, though the occasional shawl might be sported as a status symbol to denote a hint of the exotic. Check out the fashion and dress page for more thoughts and ideas.

Q. Will admins have lead roles on sim?

A. No. While at the start of the sim we may fill in crucial roles, all of us want to avoid leading factions. No admin, moderator, or GM will be given special consideration, and in fact, actively discouraged from leading a faction. 

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