Uruk's Currency System

This guide will explain the use of the currency system we have in Uruk.  It's important -- money is very much power in the sim.  It's a city that runs on bribes, that runs on extortion, and excess.  In most sims, things like currency are ignored outright which, in our opinion, cuts out a lot of possibility in RP and story.  So, use it!  Use it constantly.  Buy, sell, rob, and steal.

The system itself is extremely simplistic in its design.  There is no HUD.  It's controlled almost entirely by text commands you'll input yourself with the exception of the rental and banking systems.


Where do I get it?

Click the dispenser in the landing zone titled "Currency System" to receive the wallet.  Attach this to your avatar and you will be automatically registered in our system.  You should see a little message written locally in chat to inform you of this.

How do I get denars?

Initially, you'll need to submit an application for your starting wealth.  This will include a short summary of your character's background (nothing ornate or overly lengthy, please -- it's hardly necessary).  The staff will dispense an appropriate amount of coin to your character and that's where your economic journey will begin.  

How do you make more money?  Well, you'll want to follow your RP for that.  Your character can decide to chance the cage fights in the tavern in hopes of catching the eye of one of the talent scouts from either training house so that they can be put into rotation for the arena's weekly games.  You can try and open a business, peddle your wares on the street, a stall, or a building that you've rented for such a purpose.  You can engage in banditry, you can gamble, you can basically do whatever you like in pursuit of coin.  Just keep it all IC and keep it open to IC consequences.  

 OOC transactions are not allowed.  We can see every single transaction made in the system -- we can monitor everything.  You'll be banned for attempting to exploit the system.

The link for the starting wealth application is HERE


To check your balance, type ( /1 @balance ) in local chat without the ().  It's that simple.  You'll see your character's wealth divided into two categories: what is being carried and what is being stored in the bank.


Transferring currency to other players is how most business will be done in Uruk.  To transfer denars to another player, type [ /1 @transfer (player's partial SL name goes here) (amount goes here) ] without the []s and filling in the ()s with the appropriate information.

For example:  I want to give Raycen Serevi 500 denars.  The command would be /1 @transfer Raycen 500

You will receive confirmation in chat if you've done this correctly, to the tune of: [17:29:36] => You have successfully transferred 500 denars to Raycen Serevi


To pickpocket another player, the command is /1 @pickpocket (partial player name here).

Example: /1 @pickpocket Raycen

Be forewarned: pickpocketing does not have a high success rate.  The amount that can be stolen from someone through pickpocketing is 100 denars.  If you'd like to see rules about pickpocketing, they can be found here. 


To rob another player, you must first have them in a state of defenselessness.  Meaning: you must have defeated them in combat, wounding them, or they have chosen to avoid the fight altogether through surrendering to your character.  Once this state has been achieved, you'll post about searching them for coin and take what you can get.  There is a chance that your attempt to steal will be a clumsy one --  you may not find anything.  Only one attempt is allowed.  The maximum amount that can be stolen from someone with this command is 500 denars -- a hefty sum.

The command for robbing a player is /1 @rob (partial player name here)

Example: /1 @rob Raycen

When the attempt has been made, you will receive this message in chat ([17:41:16] => You consider your target...) which will inform you that your target has received the confirmation window.  If you've RP'd the robbery according to our rules, your target must accept the confirmation prompt.  If someone denies your request in these circumstances, first make sure they received the prompt.  Maybe they clicked no accidentally.  If so, try sending it again.  If they refuse, contact a combat mod or an admin for assistance.


To use the banking system, you'll need to head over to the bank on sim.  It's located just beyond the side door to the tavern/Trade-Prince's palace.

You should see an object with a clearly marked titler that says 'Bank of Uruk'.  This object should be interactable.  Click it!

A blue window prompt should appear in the top right of your screen with the options 'Deposit' and 'Withdraw.'  To deposit coin, click deposit and enter an amount.  To withdraw, click withdraw and enter an amount.

You will receive a confirmation message in chat if your attempt has been successful.


In Uruk, we have a pretty unique system of rentals.  You'll rent your home or business using our currency system instead of $L or other means.  Ideally, this will lead to some interesting RP opportunities.  Wealthy characters may buy up a lot of property and rent it out IC, acting as a landlord for example.  We'll just be covering the OOC side of things for now.

You should see interactable prims near each rentable structure with a titler that says something like, 'FREE, 1 / day'.  This means that the rental is open and can be purchased at the cost of 1 denar per day.  If you see someone's name in the place of 'Free', the structure has already been rented.

When you click these prims, a dialogue box should appear in the top right that says something like "Do you wish to purchase this rental?" with the options of 'Yes' and 'No.'  This is pretty self-explanatory.  Click 'Yes' and then write how many days you'd like to rent the property in the dialogue box.  You'll be prompted with the total cost of your purchase and asked if it is acceptable.  Click 'Yes' again to confirm and you should see the text above the prim reflect the change.

If you'd like to know more about the rules of our rental system, you can find the information here.  

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